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Texas Cooking by James A. Baker Houston, Texas

   I am passionate about food... all aspects of it; the lore, the traditions, the recipes as long as it has a Texas connection. Most of all, the luxurious enjoyment of food whether in cowboy boots or dressed like some damn Yankee. Join me as we experience gourmet recipes, step-by-step lessons, and simply the best fare that Texas has to offer.
James A. (Jim) Baker Houston, Texas

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Texas Cookin'
by James A. Baker

The essence of Texas; chuck wagons, cattle ranchers, oil tycoons and with that comes a history of big bold flavors like no other. Whether it’s a simple chili or something more refined, you’ll find it all in this book


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Six Flags Chateaubriand with Red Wine and Rosemary Glaze
Oh boy, you're gonna like this recipe!
! It is a a perfect marriage of red wine and thick, tantalizing beef

The Texas Gourmet

Cooking Texas Style

Rich gravies, thick sauces, a little heat and alot of flavor washed down with a long neck beer are just a few words to describe Texas cuisine. Once you have a Texan BBQ, a kickin' chilli or some traditional biscuits, there is no turning back.  Our recipes are paired with the finest wines and beers from this great state to bring you the full experience.

Try some of these great old style Texan cuisines or endulge in some new recipes to bring out the longhorn gourmet in all of you.

What many people fail to realize is that Texas cuisine doesn't end with fantastic food. Our state has a thriving viniculture industry. That's right, wine! Wines that have been produced here for hundreds of years. The sunny, dry climate has been compared to Portuguese grape growing areas.

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Texas Cooking

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